Living the dream, baby. Living the dream.

“Your dream is the obvious hint of what G-d wants you

to do with your life.”

-master pajama

About Master Pajama

Pajama is more than just a pair of loose pants for me. It has become a home where I can be at my most comfortable and authentic self and be the ugliest I can be and not give a damn about it. So this website is basically a compilation of my millisecond- thoughts in one box. To sugarcoat it, it is a compilation of all my blogs, books, podcasts, and promotions. In short, my random shits which people shall not give one iota of fuck. I could have pleased you with a better introduction page but then some bastards don’t like me anyway so what’s the fucking point, yeah? After all, nobody fuckin’ tells me what I fuckin’ do at any fuckin’ moment so let’s chill the fuck out and have a good laugh.

“Be gracious, be kind, be badass. Most of all, be the bastard that you claim to be!”

-Master Pajama