What Setbacks are For?

Shalom! Many of us see setbacks as a hindrance, obstacle or a step backward from what we’ve worked hard for. What most people don’t realize is that setback is actually a way of the universe or the divine force to talk to you when you missed all the signs, opportunities or gifts that are meant for you in the first place. Everything happens in perfect mathematical orchestration in the divine synchronicity and in this article, I will be explaining what setbacks truly are.

1. Setbacks are guides. When you are not in tune with your life’s real purpose, sometimes, the only way to get you back on track again is to give you a setback. Most often than not, people begin to reflect, pray, and to trust their instincts when being faced with difficult situation or challenges. Maybe it’s about time to reflect as to why the circumstances are simply not going your way. The divine plan has always something better to give you. It’s always better than what you think you deserve.

2. Setbacks are gifts. In reality, there is no stolen or missed opportunities. Let’s say there are two people from the same company wishing for a specific promotion. The one who would usually get it is not the person who is more intelligent or the person who worked harder for it. The one who usually get it is the person who is closer to the frequency for the particular position. The person who didn’t get the promotion doesn’t necessarily mean less deserving or less competent. It simply means that he would be better somewhere else where his intellect, talent, and competence will be of better use.

3. Setbacks are wake up call. Sometimes, setbacks try to make you realize something. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but delay it because of your job or you are caught up with your busy schedules? Is there something that your soul has been crying out to do but you tell it to wait because you think it will not work? Sometimes, setbacks are wake up call to tell you that it’s about time to rekindle that passion. Sometimes setbacks are way of telling you that you are slowly getting far from what you are originally designed to do. Maybe it is a wake-up call to reunite with your true self and start serving your higher purpose. Ask yourself; what this particular setback trying to tell me?

4. Setbacks are cutting ties. This is the most painful part of setbacks. It’s ending relationships, moving on from familiar feeling of being with a particular group of people, and starting anew. What I have personally learned is that, when two people are no longer serving each other’s purpose, the two souls will have to separate whether they like it or not. Before souls meet on earth, an exchange of divine truths was already agreed upon. For example, one person will teach you the value of freedom and independence by suffocating you from a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Once you learn the value of freedom and independence, your relationship will end with this person, and your soul will have its spiritual evolution. It doesn’t matter how you value the person because once the important lesson has been taught or learned, the divine truths were already exchanged, or the soul has its evolution, it’s about time to cut ties.

5. Setbacks are promotions. Have you played some video games wherein there are challenges in every level? Most of the people think that setbacks take them back to zero. On the contrary, setbacks may be a sign that you are actually in a process of promotion. Spiritually speaking, promotion is evolution. The logic in every game is the higher the level you are in, the harder the challenges are. Just when you master the game, it will take you to a new and harder level. Maybe, you are already master of wherever you are in. Maybe it’s about time to ask yourself these questions; is your setback really making you step backward? Or it’s a step forward to a new level?

6. Setbacks are shortcuts. Have I known before that setbacks are actually shortcuts; I would have embraced them happily. When I learned about this, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of excitement whenever I am facing some setbacks. Rather than solving it and forcing something to go my way, I slowly step far from my setback and try to see it objectively. I study it and think what went wrong and what lesson I can learn from this one? What inspiration it could bring? 99 percent of the time, the greatest masterpieces, life-changing events, inspirational stories, award-winning songs and movies come from pain and suffering— in short, setbacks.

7. Setbacks are for your highest good. Whatever setbacks you are facing; it is definitely for your highest good. If your setback has something to do with finances, maybe it’s teaching you to manage your wealth well or simply a reminder that working twice as harder is okay. Maybe it’s also giving you a red flag from further problems caused by addiction to gambling or other bad habits that are connected to finances. If your setback has something to do with your health, then maybe it’s teaching you that it’s about time to pay attention to your health. Maybe it’s telling you to slow down, appreciate, and celebrate life every day.

Setbacks, as much as we hate it, is something we can’t avoid. It is inevitable and yet, if we understand its beauty, it could transform, advance, and bring us to the next level of our spiritual evolution. Next time that you face setbacks, don’t hate it or blame anyone for it. Try to understand what message the universe try to tell you at this point of your life? What this particular setback is for? The secret to turn setbacks to triumphs is never by going against it. Stop swimming against the current of life— surf on it! Shalom.

-Written by Mayo Pizarro

Published by masterpajama

Yes. I am that bastard.

3 thoughts on “What Setbacks are For?

  1. My vision has gone wild. Every word is penetrating… not down there… 🌹but up there🧠🫀 thank you.


  2. You!!! Yes!!! You!!!! Why so good?

    I eat, breathe and live through setbacks. I even use it as spring board.

    For those who gave up because of setbacks, you miss a large chunk of happiness.


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