The Secrets of the Favored: PART TWO

This is the part 2 of the article “The Secrets of the Favored”.  The part one discussed about how loyalty to one’s passion can result to amassing of huge wealth and fortune while this part reveals the second secret of the favored; and that is silence.

The Concept of Silence

Successful bastards take time to be alone and have a moment of silence on a daily basis. It is when they are having private moment with themselves for the revelation of new ideas, innovations, and solutions to problems. It doesn’t only give them new ideas, it also refreshes their minds and recharges their spirits. Even an effective prayer requires silence. Needless to say, silence is a very powerful practice that has been known to be one of the key to success even on ancient time which the favored people these days seem to be taking advantage of all along.  Here is an acronym I made to some of the benefits of silence and that is ASAP.


Aspirations.   Silence gives birth to dreams and ideas and these are introduced by what I call the “divine nudge”. Have you ever read a book, perhaps have seen a new invention, or maybe had an idea before; but failed to bring it in action, and now you see someone else thought of that the same thing, executed it, and now the whole world talks about it? If You experienced any of this, then it’s a clear sign, you’ve let passed a nudge before. You’ve just declined some sort of divine assignment. You’ve said no to an opportunity so it has to be given to someone else.

But guess what? The very fact that you are reading it right now means that there are still plenty of wisdom and tasks awaiting to be entrusted in your hands. I believe it’s no coincidence that you are on this website. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are, whatever kind of past you have, because divine nudges are always available for you if you will find time to practice silence and let ideas flow. The world is big and there are just endless of opportunities to be seized. So, what really is divine nudge?

Divine nudges happen when you suddenly wake up for no reason at all at the same time every night. It happens when something tells you to suddenly turn the tv on, pay attention to the road sign, look closely to random advertisement, tagline, that perhaps says “take action bastard”.  Sometimes it is as simple as reminding you for the very thing you’ve been so passionate about. These nudges, regardless how random they may be, are never coincidence. It is way of the universe to give you a message that something big is about to entrust in your hands and you either let it pass or you quit being a couch potato and get the fucking project started.

Set a personal time with yourself in silence. It could be in the evening or if you’re too drained for that, try 2 hours before your usual wake up time. Mine is 4:00AM in the morning but divine nudges, once you get used to it, is like a needy chiq that loves to message you multiple times a day. So you gotta pay attention.

There’s something about this divine nudge that gives us precise guidance in silence. These are golden wisdom that we never knew or something that you never heard from anyone else before. When I was not really aware of it, my nudges usually happened when I was in the shower. That’s because that’s the quietest and most private time I could only have due to hectic schedule. This is the reason I personally set a personal time for divine nudge at 4 in the morning. In fact, the finest articles, blogs, or books, even business strategies I’ve ever written or made were the results of my trust in this “divine nudge.”


Self-image. Wise men say that shallow waters are noisy while deep waters are silent. I couldn’t agree more. I know a lot of successful and highly intellectual people who are most of the time quiet. Maybe you think that they are simply introvert but there’s something more than that. I am not in any way promoting introversion but what I’m saying is successful people I look up to know very well how to choose their battles. They just don’t waste time and energy over things that may disturb their peace. Through observation, I realized that silence is an art everyone has to master. In fact, silence has a huge impact on one’s great self-image.

Silent people value their words and opinions so much that they just don’t fucking give their words easily. They know that they don’t necessarily have to react to everything. If possible, they make it a point to be the last one to speak. And because they are silent most of the time, it makes their opinions more important. When they say something, it gives more power to their words. And it seems like the greatest men in ancient time knew about its wisdom. You can find a lot of passages in the bible that actually reveal us the wisdom behind silence. They even prayed to be silent (Set a guard over my mouth, L-rd; keep watch over the door of my lips Ps. 141:3) and a lot of reminders of what can possibly happen to us if we fail to tame our own tongues. It also points out what silence does to our self-image. One passage said that even fools are thought wise if they keep silent (Prov. 17:28).

I had been in a working environment before where I used to meet a lot of VIPs from time to time. One of the natures of my job was to basically talk to VIPs, rich, honorable, powerful bastards. And I’ve learned something very important. In the midst of upper class people, where everyone seems to be the same, it’s easy to spot the ones with the highest status. The most powerful man in the room is usually the most silent. And it doesn’t mean that they are anti-social or anything. In fact, their vibes radiate in a perfect balance of humility and confidence, something that’s hard to really describe, but it’s a picture of a truly great self-image.

A great self-image has a lot to do with silence. People with very low self-esteem seem to talk a lot. They always have stories to tell because they somehow feel the need to prove their substance. They react to just anything, they have opinions on every little thing because of hunger for fucking approval and attention. Well, compliments, acceptance, and recognition are really nice. It feels fucking good, yeah? In fact, this brings instant energy of motivation. Who doesn’t like to be fucking recognized? But if that recognition becomes a fucking need for you then son, something is so wrong with you in so many levels. Dr. Wayne Dyer once said; “People who need approval the most get the least of it; while people who need approval the least get the most of it.” Fucking read that again and thank me later.


Accomplishment. This is another benefit of silence. The most productive time for me is at dawn when the rest of the world is sleeping. It’s the time of the day when there is no disturbance or noise when I can just enjoy doing my own stuff. Aside from getting up early to accomplish more tasks, it makes me feel like time is pretty slow. What I can accomplish from 3am to 6am is pretty much twice as much as what I can accomplish during day time.

This is just how accomplishment has direct connection to silence. When it’s silent, the more focus and efficient we become. Thus, it doubles our productivity in a fucking short period of time. Silent time is also the best time for self-improvement. It’s the best time to do something that you have always wanted to do but you never really had the time to do so. It’s the best time to learn new things too. Maybe there’s a new language that you want to learn or maybe there’s a creativity which you never really had the time to unleash. Aside from those, it is also the best time to grow in faith. One of the best way to start my day is to start it with listening to faith building messages or motivational materials.

A housewife or a regular working father might disagree with me and reason out that ther’s just lack of time but let me tell you that lack of time is just a fucking lame excuse everyone has been telling themselves to put off what they had to do. If you would wait for the right time to do something, then child, let me tell you now that it will just never happen. You have to decide and make time for something if you are really willing to do it.

Assuming you’re a nine-to-fiver and you can’t quit that job that covers the bills, you can just always wake up at least two hours before your alarm, to have an ample time to write the book you’ve always wanted to write or plan the business you’ve always dream of managing. Two hours a day is 14 hours a week and that’s fucking extra 56 hours a month! Write that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do and give your extra two hours every day to do it in the comfort of silence.


Peace. One of the many benefits of silence is peace. A wise man said before that rich people have two S’s: Smile and silence. Smile to fix the problem and silence to avoid it. Rich people know the value of silence because it protects one of the most valuable thing to them; their privacy. Silence and privacy always go hand in hand. You can be in good terms with a lot of people but don’t fucking give these bastards an access to your goddamn life. Like come on. Stop making your fucking life some sort of entertainment for other people unless of course you’re a fucking celebrity.

Real talk: troubles in relationships are waste of time and sometimes, it even costs. So, choose to be at peace with people around you while focusing your energy to more important matters that can bring productive results. But of course, some bastards though will always have something to say about you. These are bastards who love to hate because that’s basically their roles in your life. Some rifts you clear the air while some rifts are best to leave as is. If these bastards just bother your peace, then it’s not worth it. Cut ties. Your peace fucking matters.

Silence does not only mean silence in our physical environment but it also requires us to silent the noisiest part of us— our thoughts. When you understand that anything bothers your silence disturbs your peace, then you can create your tailor-made discipline routine on how to practice silence, not just physically but also mentally speaking.

This is why learning to silence our thoughts requires consistent practice. Worries too are the number one cause of a disturbed mind. I know it’s hard not to think of negative thoughts because shit often happens. Truth is, negative thoughts are always there and if you will start counting it, I bet the list fucking goes on. But one of the most effective way to handle negative thoughts is to learn to let it go. When bad thoughts start kicking in, don’t invest any feeling to it, don’t judge it or blame the circumstances to another person. Just let it pass and it will go away on its own. Tip: the negative thoughts only stay if you are actually entertaining it.

I know it is hard to quiet the mind but once you are aware that you are capable too of silencing your negative thoughts, you will master how to recognize thoughts that need to be magnified and thoughts that need to be ignored.

Without silence, it is just fucking impossible to have peace. And this is non-negotiable. When you don’t have peace, it’s difficult to function in your full potential, thus, missing what truly matters and that is serving your very own and unique purpose. 

On part three, I am revealing the last secret of the favored so please make sure to read the full installment of The Secrets of the Favored. Shalom!

Originally written by Mayo Pizarro for the 20-minute Concept Multimedia, all rights to distribute are bought by Mr. Jan Vaughn of London, UK. All parts will be released as part of the book 21 keys to Ultimate Self-Mastery written by Mayo Pizarro.

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